Our story

Mizzö is a luxury menswear brand  and our dream is to inspire and dress men all-around the world. We have a casual, yet Scandinavian aesthetic which is a reflecting of our laidback attitude and our Danish-roots. We are committed to offering our customers the highest-quality products, from ethically-sourced materials. At Mizzö, we are not only dedicated to the individual, but respect the responsibility that we as a company have to provide products that our consumers can feel comfortable wearing without worrying about how it was made. 

Meet the people behind the brand


Educated at the Royal Design School, Sebastian is the lead designer behind Mizzö. He is inspired to design functional urban wear that is both fashionable and wearable for his customers. 


With years of experience in the fashion industry, Mads is the business manager for the brand, and the driving force in ensuring that it is accessible in a store near you.